Suzanne Bossert

Working with Authors


I am an Acquisitions & Developmental Editor at indie press, Wildhouse Publications. My background includes degrees in journalism and screenwriting, management of a multi-million-dollar Boston restaurant company as co-owner/VP of Marketing & Sales, and work in print and electronic media. After earning an MDiv from Boston University in 2001, I was ordained in the UCC and spent a decade serving at the local church and denominational leadership levels. In 2010, my sense of vocation shifted off-grid: I raised two daughters, companioned (with my two therapy dogs) unhoused patients struggling with addiction at Boston Healthcare for the Homeless, published numerous essays for Westminster John Knox Press, worked as a consultant for institutional strategic visioning, and founded two grant-funded digital start-ups exploring 21st-century Christianity.  In 2021, I began work as Developmental Editor for Wildhouse Publications, understanding its mission as a vocational call.

I believe my entrepreneurial work in religion/spirituality makes Wildhouse Publications a natural fit on a personal level as well as the cultural transformation we are grappling with globally. At Wildhouse, we seek compelling storytelling that points towards a post-pandemic future. We do that by disrupting business-as-usual in the publishing world, creating new ways to support both authors and a rapidly growing segment of readers who seek new expressions of faith and meaning.