Suzanne Bossert



Wildhouse Publications

As Acquisition Editor at indie press Wildhouse Publications, my job is to discover interesting ideas and great stories that will resonate with readers who care about spirituality but reside outside or on the creative margins of organized religion. At Wildhouse Publications, we eschew typical publishing industry gatekeeping by focusing on new, unagented, or underrepresented writers through a unique process of author development. 

What kinds of stories are we interested in? We have four imprints at the press: Wildhouse Spirituality, Wildhouse Fiction, Wildhouse Poetry, and Wildhouse Crossings (the latter focuses on edgy Christian or post-institution Christianity. My background as ordained minister in a progressive Protestant denomination means I have a keen interest in the latter, which is why I was named Senior Editor of the Crossings imprint.)

What kind of stories are we interested in? We are looking to publish novels, nonfiction, graphic novels, poetry, and memoirs that deal in some way with humans on spiritual quests–seeking meaning, beauty and transcendence in myriad ways in the modern world. Many of my Crossings authors are offering not just critiques of church decline but also regenerative looks at what might be next for faith communities, or how the essence of the Gospel still holds enormous value for justice work and ethical responses to all manner of global challenges. Some of our authors write about overcoming oppression arising from issues of race, gender, religious trauma . . . others offer tantalizing glimmerings of the ways the Divine is moving imaginatively in today’s post-pandemic life.

I encourage all writers to take a close look at our Wildhouse website, because the first thing I look for when deciding whether to work with an author is whether it will be a good fit for our niche. 


We have two pathways for publication at Wildhouse, and therefore, two ways to submit a proposal. 

  • Traditional Track:  Authors who have a polished manuscript that is not in need of developmental editing are encouraged to complete a proposal (click here for guidelines), and submit a proposal directly to our Editorial Advisory Board:
  • Partnership Track: Authors in early stages of a manuscript or story idea or feel developmental editing might help their book get greenlighted for publication are encouraged to submit to me for a free consultation. This process is also described in full detail on our website under The Acquisitions Experience ( If you have a story idea or early manuscript that you would like me to evaluate, please contact me here.

“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

— Toni Morrison