Suzanne Bossert

in the words of Authors


“Today I received word that my manuscript proposal was accepted by Wildhouse Publications, an indie press that aligns with my vision and values. I am clear that this would not have happened without the fiercely tender guidance – collaboration really – that Suzanne brought to the process of creating terra firma from the magical chaos that is my writer’s mind. I am deeply grateful that Suzanne is called to this sacred work of honoring and honing the voice of an emerging author.”

Kimberly Knight, Author of Wildwood Wisdom (Wildhouse Publications, 2023)

“I had experience in scientific writing but was brand new to the fiction genre. Wildhouse connected me with Suzanne, who is a wonderful developmental editor. From the beginning, Suzanne helped me learn the world of fiction writing from tools, techniques, and business perspectives. Most importantly, she was a great partner in developing and organizing concepts into coherent, attractive stories. Honestly, without her, I would still be stumbling in the dark, trying to stitch bits of stories. After working with her, I got a renewed sense of direction and purpose and a game plan for a book I would enjoy writing. I would recommend this process to any new or even experienced writer. Wildhouse and Suzanne are the perfect partners for anyone trying to tell a unique story.”

— Saikou Diallo, Author of The Boy and the Algorithm (forthcoming)

“I had a finished, thoroughly edited, six-years-in-the-writing manuscript, all ready to go, before my first conversation with Suzanne.  After she read the manuscript, she gently asked a few questions, offered some probing insights.  She knew how to work with someone who thought they had “finished” — no mean feat.  Over our next conversations, in dialogue we discovered what the book was really about and how to go about getting there.  I could very well have put something out into the world that was just okay.  Now, I feel I may have the opportunity, working with Suzanne and Wildhouse, to actually create something with impact.”

— John Hamilton, Author of Honest to God, A Memoire (forthcoming)

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Suzanne in the development of my book proposal.  Her thoughtful, impactful and specific insights were instrumental in helping me to sharpen my thesis and deepen the core of my writing project.  Suzanne was extraordinary in her ability to show me the gaps and weaknesses in my drafts while simultaneously encouraging and nourishing my passion for the project.  She was able to break down an overwhelming and daunting process into manageable pieces and keep me moving forward when, if I’d been on my own I’d certainly have given up in despair.  At every step she was both a fierce advocate and a discerning reader who offered critiques that were generative and inspiring.  As a working pastor and mother of three school-aged children, I wouldn’t have found the energy to bring this project to completion without her steadfast support and encouragement.  It’s easy for me to dismiss my own urge to create–there are so many people already writing books and speaking into the issues that matter most to me, there are so many urgent needs on my calendar every day.  Suzanne’s accompaniment during the development process was the factor that changed me from a person who thought she might have something to say to a person who finished and submitted an actual proposal.”

— Kate Murphy, Author of Lost, Hidden, and Small (Wildhouse Publications, 2023

“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

— Toni Morrison