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In ancient classical thought, it was believed that life was built upon four basic elements: earth, wind, fire, and water. I recently learned that there was a fifth element, aether, which described everything beyond the material world….

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Not A Spectator Sport

Sometimes when I wade into my Facebook stream and see a parade of posts/photos/videos drift past, I can’t quite shake the feeling of voyeurism. I gawk, therefore I am? …

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A Tender Fontanel

December is the one month of the year when the flow of time feels very, very pronounced. It’s as if Christmas day is an imploded star, pulling all other days towards it with an irresistible energy force…

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Trail of Glory

Peeling off the sheets of last year’s kitchen calendar feels like pulling off furniture coverings at a beach house reopening for spring. Even in the dead teeth of winter, I feel suddenly sunny as I marvel at the clean, blank expanse of 2015…

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Today I awakened to find my yard freshly covered in snow. This blanket of blankness paradoxically forms a noteworthy canvas, clearly capturing the scurried secret lives of animals, whose paw prints dip and cross in intricate patterns…

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Embracing Chaos

I’ve been studying transformation in institutions, especially Protestant churches, since 2008. Even then, there were already indications that technology and new cultural shifts we beginning to stress the status quo across multiple sectors,…

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Holy Thursday

Maundy Thursday fires the imagination. Like the stain that remains after the dyeing of Easter eggs, the iconic Last Supper is steeped in red—the color of wine, roses, anger, and passion. Christ’s last supper is a candle-lit Valentine of a night, a dangerous tango set against the drumbeat of Jerusalem’s crowded streets…

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Good Friday

Despite its universally famous conclusion, Holy Week is a flickering collage of colliding images and mistaken identities. With a suspense plot that keeps us guessing until the very end, a film version of Good Friday might be more M. Night Schamyalan…

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Holy Saturday

Between the cross of Good Friday and the empty tomb of Easter Sunday, something happened.  The Greeks have two words for time: chronos, the chronological movement of time, measured by clocks and calendars, and kairos, the in-between time…

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